Thursday, March 24, 2016

Just a Tad Nervous!

   I've taken a huge step in life. Yep, I've done something HUGE! Something crazy! I went and bit a huge chunk off that I don't know if I can chew!
   Okay, so maybe not that huge or crazy...but maybe a tad intimidating?
   I've started an Etsy Shop! It's still under construction. I haven't really gotten it all set up. Some things here and there I'd like to fix and change. I'll get to that, don't worry! BUT, it is open for business!!! And the one item I have uploaded is for sale! Check it out and click Here!
   And that's all for today, Folks!<3


  1. I'm so excited for you! :D The blanket that you have uploaded is adorable! <3

  2. Good luck!! :D wish I could crochet or knit! But I didn't get that talent or the patience to learn ;)

  3. Awesome!! May God bless your efforts! :):)

  4. Very pretty blanket! Good luck!

  5. Hope it all works out! I knew about this before you posted! Aren't I special? ;)


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