Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Very Biggest Dream

   I don't want to go to college. I don't want a degree. I don't want a career. I don't want a fancy office job or lots of money. I don't want to be independent. 
   My very biggest dream is to be a stay-at-home mom to a bunch(at least 6) of children.
   My very biggest dream is to marry a God fearing man who will be my very best friend.
   My very biggest dream is to devote myself to my family and friends. To care for people. To love people.
   Someday, when I'm old and grey, people might look at me and say, "That lady has never travelled the world. She's never had a good job. She's never done anything for herself. She's never had a life!"
   But I'll know better. I'll know that I have had a life. I'll know there is nothing more rewarding, more satisfying, more meaningful, than a life led by God. A life full of my husband and kids, pushing them to be the people God wants them to be.
   Some people might say, "What do you mean? You can have a job and a family. Lots of woman do."
   But how can I devote myself to my husband and kids if half my attention is on my career?
   Some might find my dream weird, strange, boring, or even not worthy to be called a dream. But I don't care. It's my dream. My very biggest most longed for dream. Lord willing my dream will someday become reality.
   May all your dreams come true! ~Kimberly Elizabeth 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Campfires, Four-Wheelers, Puppies

   My earliest memory is from when we lived in a subdivision. I was around a year and a half. The neighbors had a dog chained in their back yard. It was barking at me, but I wasn't scared. I pressed my eye close to a crack in the fence to look at it, and I can still remember the smell of the warm wood.
   When I was around the same age I remember pulling handfuls of pea gravel toward me. It was warm, smooth and dusty. And then I felt guilty, as if I wasn't supposed to touch it.
   I remember playing with my brothers in our sandbox. It had just rained and the sand was wet. Mommy let me take a doll out to play with. It had dark skin and wore a pale blue dress. Someone had chewed off its fingers, but I thought it was just beautiful. But while in the sandbox I tripped and dropped her. The wet sand stuck to her, and I couldn't get it out of her eyes. I ran to the house to show Mommy.
   I remember it snowing. The ground wasn't even completely white yet but I wanted to go play in it. Daddy came out with me. I told him I wanted to make a snow bunny family. So we did. I remember they had pinecones for ears. I thought Daddy was so clever.
   I remember leaning on the window seal and watching a mole make a dirt hill in the yard. It was fascinating. But when I ran out the front door to catch the mole he disappeared.
   I remember riding "horsie" on Daddy's back with my brother. We tried to hold on tight, but we laughed so hard we tumbled off anyway.
   I remember having the flu. I told Mommy I was scared I was going to puke again. She held me and rocked me to sleep. I dreamed that my stuffed dog, snowball, was real and was playing in a water sprinkler with me. Then I woke up and told Mommy about it.
   I remember sitting in church with my head resting on Daddy's or Mommy's lap. I could see my cousins sitting in the bench in front of us. I knew more were sitting behind us, and I felt so secure.
   I remember Grandma taking me shopping. She bought me a blue shirt with a puppy on it. She tried to buy me some pants, but couldn't find any my size. I remember her holding a pair up to me and saying, "I don't know, your so tiny." Then she took me to Burgerville and got me a Kids Meal with radish seeds and a little red shovel. I planted those seeds beside our barn, and they grew! I was so happy when I pulled the green leaves out of the ground and found red balls hanging from the ends. I remember how excited Mommy was for me as she put them on the kitchen window seal. I can still remember what they tasted like, though I don't actually remember eating them.
   I remember Grandpa serving up chocolate ice cream. He asked me which dish I wanted, and I suddenly realized I was still clutching in my dirty hands the Barbie plate I'd been playing with outside. I held it out and said, "This one!" and he said, "Well, we have to wash it first." He carefully washed and dried it for me. I now own that plate. It's in my hope chest.
   I remember riding on one of my uncles shoulders at the Lilac Gardens. I felt so high up, but wasn't at all scared of falling.
   I remember The Ranch. It would take a whole blog post to describe it. Four wheelers, kick the can, sleeping bags, and playing house in the barn. I fell asleep to the sound off the big kids riding four wheelers, and laughing as they roasted marshmallows around the fire in the yard. Everything was happy, cozy and safe.
   I remember going to a strangers house to choose a puppy. Mom said I could choose. I sat on the floor and one of them climbed into my lap and began to lick me all over. I wrapped my arms around it and cried, "This one! I want this one!" I didn't even look at the others. We named him Shadow. I loved him and he followed my brothers and me everywhere.
   Years of memories of playing with cousins. So many fun times we have had. It makes me sad to think that we can never go back. But, of course, we can always look forward to the future .
   Well, those are a few of my memories.