Monday, October 28, 2013

Some Thoughts

   Elk season ended yesterday. Dad and I both had tags. It was wonderful to spend time with him while searching down those giant, kingly creatures. I spent the whole season (Wednesday thru Saturday) without taking a shower. I was waking up at 5AM and getting home at 6PM tired and sore, so I simply didn't have the time. I wore pants that had a hole in one knee and and shirts that I wouldn't wear to town. Appropriate elk gutting clothes. Believe you me, it felt good to take a shower and change.
   Anyway, this got me thinking of that Bible verse. The one that says there's a place for everything, and a time for every season under heaven. Or, something like that. I should look it up but its late and I need to go to bed soon, so I'm writing this fast.
   I have shirts, skirts and a dress that are saved special for Sundays. I have clothes that are saved special for 'Going to town'. I have everyday clothes, and clothes that are worn only when I'm cleaning the bathroom. What if I was to say to myself, "You know, those Sunday clothes are really nice. I should wear them more often."and then I wore them on a Monday. See, Mondays are my day to make supper. I could make fried chicken. And I could accidentally spill cooking oil on my nice blue ruffled dress. Now what? Well, I certainly couldn't wear that dress to church anymore.
   What I'm getting at is that we have to remember there is a time and place for everything. When you're planning a menu, choosing books at a library, doing the laundry, going hunting, attending a funeral, going for a walk, sewing a quilt for a friend, sewing a quilt for a stranger, you have to decide which time and place you are in and do accordingly.
   I don't know. Maybe this is a very lame post. I'm tired and I feel like I'm blabbing about nothing. Maybe I should come back later. Good Night! 
Kimberly Elizabeth