Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cooked In The Shell

   Maybe y'all  already know all this... but awhile ago I didn't! So this is for all those who don't :)! 
   The subject is boiled eggs. They always confused me. How do you tell if they're done if they are stuck in the shell? How do you keep them from cracking when you take them from the cold fridge and put them into hot water? How do you remove the shells without tearing the eggs apart? 
   Well, you can find all this wonderful information in "Betty Crocker's picture Cook Book". Or, you can continue reading this post. :)
   First off, if you are starting with boiling water, you need to take the eggs out of the fridge before hand and let them warm to room temperature. This will stop them from cracking. Trust me, you want to do this. If you don't you'll end up throwing away a lot of cracked eggs that have filled your nice boiling water with egg whites. But of course, you can start with cold water, but I usually don't, so I can't give any advice on that. So anyway, warm the eggs.
   Once the water is boiling, carefully lower the eggs into it with a slotted spoon. I mean, you don't have to use a slotted spoon, but that's what works for me. Make sure the water completely covers the eggs. And don't pile the eggs up. They must be in one layer in the bottom of the pot/pan. 
   Lower the temperature. The eggs want to barely simmer while they cook. If you want soft-cooked eggs, cook them for only 3-5 minutes. For hard-cooked it's 18-20 minutes. Stir them several times to keep the yolks in the center. And be sure to time accurately. Overcooking causes the yolks to darken.
   When the timer beeps, immediately remove from the burners. Pour out the hot water, place the pot under the faucet and run cold water on them. Let the water run for a long time. You want to completely cool the eggs. This is extremely important. Cooling the eggs makes removing the shells very easy.
   Now that the eggs are cooked, you can make what ever you want with them. Stuffed eggs, Deviled eggs, Egg Salad Sandwiches, or you can slice them and use them for a garnish (be sure to use a really thin, sharp knife), or, of course, you can sprinkle them with salt and pepper and eat them as they are. It's your choice! And now you can do it with ease and grace, because you know how to make boiled eggs.
   Have an eggy day!
                    Kimberly Elizabeth     

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Place of Wonder

   My brothers and I wanted very much to go on a backpacking trip with our grandpa. We worked hard for the neighbor, I babysat and the boys did yard work, to earn enough money to go. We needed to buy all our own gear and food.
   We left for the mountains on August 23rd. Our team consisted of seven people. Our grandpa, step-grandma, two aunts, my two brothers, and I.
   At first we walked along a dirt road, but then it narrowed down into a dusty path. We came across a log that ants were living in. They were digging out the cracks in the log and throwing out the sawdust. The sawdust was piled beneath the log. Inspired, we made up a little rhyme. It went, "If those little ants can make such a pile, our little steps can make up a mile." I repeated the rhyme to myself when ever I felt tired of my pack and wished to complain.
   Everything was beautiful! We crossed little streams and brooks. We saw wild flowers and big bunches of Elderberries. A doe, and even some elk!
   We camped that night beside a pretty creak. Supper was delicious! And breakfast even better! Refreshed from the nights sleep we heaved on our packs and headed off again. 
   We passed through so much beautiful country. When we came upon a good view we would stop and rest awhile, soaking it all in.
   The second night we camped on a saddle of the mountain. Since we weren't by a stream or anything, we didn't dare use the rest of our water for breakfast. So we went without. The little stream we found later surely looked good!
   We spent four glorious days in that place of wonder. And I thank God for every second!
Corum Deo,
   Kimberly Elizabeth