Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We had a blast!

   James and Ramona and their children stayed Sunday night with us. It was really fun and I praise God that we got to see these fine people!

 Kylie and Camille

 Dad and James
 Camille, Trent, Kylie and Mikayla
 Blayne and Lando
 Chauntel, Me and Alexa
 My attempts to get a picture of the boys. 
Lando, Zachary, Cody and Blayne

Lando, Cody and Blayne

Corum Deo,

It's a responsibility

   'Govern' is from the Latin word 'Gubernare' meaning: To steer.
   OK, lets put this into perspective. You and some friends are going out to eat. You are going to drive. When you get into the drivers seat do you say "I'm driving so I get to steer this car how ever I please!"? No, of course not. Since you're the driver you have a responsibility. You have to make right choices to keep your passengers safe. You don't run red lights, speed, and skid corners. Or, at least, you shouldn't. Also, you don't make all the decisions. You don't say, "We are going to this restaurant because I'm 'steering'." Out of love and consideration you ask your friends which place they would like to go. And you may even put it to a vote.
   Now, lets consider this: Does our Government have the responsibility to care for our country? Protect us? Keep us safe?
   OR, do they have the right to steer us any way or any where they please? It seems, to me anyway, that the Government thinks they have the right. Especially in recent years. 
   I believe, according to the Bible and 'Gubernare', that the Government has a responsibility. And they have been using their so called 'powers' way to excessively. 
   We the people need to stand our ground. We need to take back the rights that our leaders have taken. The rights aren't theirs. They are ours!
Corum Deo,
         Kimberly Elizabeth