Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dressed all in white

   On June 16th, I stood before a small congregation and confirmed my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, and God, our creator, and the Holy Ghost, our comforter. I felt so amazingly blessed and yes, even shed a few tears. I enjoyed the classes very much!

My parents and I

 My classmates were the best!

Corum Deo,
        Kimberly Elizabeth

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What should I do for fun?

   Looks a little stormy outside... House feels cozy and warm... Schoolwork done, bedroom clean...What should I do for fun? 
   I'm want to knit a baby dress, but I don't have enough yarn. I wanted to do a post on my confirmation, but the pictures aren't downloaded yet. Its fairly warm out, maybe I'll go for a bike ride.
Hmmm... What should I do for fun?
   I've already finished my chores... The lunch dishes are done... The porch has been swept... I probably should vacuum the living room... But, what should I do for fun?
   I could go for a walk... I could stand on my head... I could spin in a circle or two... I could do my sisters hair... I could watch a movie... I could read my bible... Hmmm... What should I do for fun?
   I checked my E-mails... I washed my sheets... that window needs to be washed... Hmmm... what should I do for fun???