Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brothers to the rescue

     I ran into the living room screaming. "There's a yellow jacket in my room! It's a huge one! Someone come kill it before it stings someone!"
   Cody jumped up and led the way back to my bedroom. Swaggering up to the window he examined the insect that was causing me so much alarm. "Oh, its not that big."
   "Yes it is!" I insisted, quaking in the corner, "Kill it!"
   He grabbed a wad of paper and smashed the yellow jacket against the window. But when he lifted the paper it wasn't dead. It began to buzz around on the window sill, unable to fly. 
   "Kill it! Kill it!" I was jumping up and down and squealing. 
   Cody gave me an annoyed look, scooped up the yellow creature with the paper and disappeared with it. I sat down on my bed with a sigh of relief. Praise God for brothers! 
   I love my brothers. They're always the first to save me from 'dire peril'. The first to help me lift a heavy object. The first to help me when the chain falls off my bike. The first to jump to my aid always. Oh yes, the first to tease me as well. But I don't mind. Not really.         

Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Joy For Ashes

   After such a hard beginning to the year 2013, we have finally received an eighth member to the family.
  Emmeline Martha is heartily welcomed by parents, Mike and Melissa(Missy), and Siblings, Kimberly(me), Lando, Cody, Kylie and Mikayla. She was born May First, 5:52 pm, 6 lb.s 1oz, 19 in. long. We love you little girl!!!  
   A beautiful Spring to you all,